How to Lock Files on SD Card?


Lock Your Private Information on SD Card Easily

SD card is used in different media devices to store digital data. Among different types of files, some of them are very important which cannot be disclosed to others. But, if you are sharing your SD card with your friends, you must want to preserve your privacy. You can delete those confidential data from SD card before offering it to other. But it is not a proper way to protect those data because deleted files can easily be recovered using suitable application. So what will you do to prevent misuse of information? You can protect files on SD card from strangers if you lock them with passwords. Now you may think about how to lock files on SD card. No need to worry, you can lock files on SD card using password easily with the help of an efficient application. Remo MORE software can help you in this context, to make this operation more easy and efficient.

Majority of the users are familiar to protect private files on SD card by hiding them manually. Hidden files are not completely secured from illegal access. One can access the hidden files or folders on the SD card through the same way that you hide them. Due to this reason, you should apply password to the important data that can be viewed but not accessed by the user. Employing this Remo MORE software, you can lock files on SD card very easily.

One can also protect all files on SD card by locking the card. You can apply password to the SD card manually using your mobile phone or tablet. After that, no files can be accessed without unlocking it using exact password. But, if you need to share some information only with other keeping other information confidential, this Remo MORE software will be most appropriate. Using this application, you can lock files on SD card selectively. You can choose required files and folders that you want to protect and apply password. This tool can lock all types of files such as media files, documents, applications and even any folder on it.

This application is designed very smartly to protect data on SD card completely. This application provides ultimate security of data because you have to create password to use this application and it will be needed every time when you are going to lock or unlock files. Therefore, only you can utilize this tool to lock/unlock data on SD card. This software is very effective to protect files on xD. CF, SDXC, SDHC, MMC cards also. Even, if you want to apply password on files on external drive, it will be equally effective. Using this Remo MORE software, you can lock files on SD card as well as hide them easily. This tool is compatible with all major versions of Android, Windows and Mac operating system.

Simple steps to Lock Files on SD Card:


Step 1: First, install this software in your computer and connect the SD card to it. After launching this tool, choose "File Protector" option from Manage tab on main screen.


How to Lock Files on SD Card - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, click on "File/Folder Locker" option to protect files or folders with password.

How to Lock Files on SD Card - Select Recovery Mode

Fig 2: Select File/Folder Locker

Step 3: Now, you have to add files or folders that you want to protect in this screen. After selection of files, click on "Lock" button.


How to Lock Files on SD Card - Lock Files

Fig 3: Lock Files


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